How to love?

Apr 16

quote As the first wave of punk evolved into hardcore, no wave, postpunk, and a variety of other subgenres, a singular strand of the punk explosion developed in Southern California: deathrock. Consisting of a dark mélange of glam rock imagery, punk-inflected sound and attitude, and shock rock theatrics, deathrock could be neatly disentangled from the broader regional punk movement. A second deathrock revival is currently underway – and this is no little irony, given how small the original movement actually was.

Oliver Sheppard’s first of a two part history of Death Rock over at Souciant. If you interested in the history of women in punk and/or the roots of goth as we know it, this is essential reading.

-Jessica H

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Apr 15
Apr 15

Bi but scared.

In the world we live in. Difference is frowned upon. Gay. Lesbian. Strait. And bi. If you are not straight. Your an alien. I’m in high school. But I call it hell. I love men. But I can’t help but look at women in a wanting way. So I admit it in bi. I can finally admit it to myself. It’s the rest of the world in worried about.